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AdGorilla offers a variety of branded products built around our advanced video insertion software- SSP Quantum™- and our expertise in providing services related to video manipulation and advertising delivery.  While our products each serve a unique function in a video content delivery environment, together they can offer providers the ability to originate, monitor and monetize their content.

GEAR: Featuring the most advanced video insertion software in the industry: SSP Quantum™

‘Gear’ refers to the box you put in your racks. But what makes AdGorilla GEAR different from our competitor’s products is what’s inside the box. After ten years’ experience in making high-quality, cost-effective advertising insertion products AdGorilla recently launched the most advanced video insertion software available: SSP Quantum™, featuring our Seamless Splice technology.  AdGorilla wrote the book on single-unit digital ad insertion when we launched our analog insertion equipment in 2006, but with Quantum™ we’re re-writing the entire video insertion encyclopedia to encompass advertising, OTT/CDN applications, IPTV, network origination, alternative content splicing, mobile delivery and whatever else content providers can imagine.


AdGorilla’s SSP Quantum™ builds on our successful See Spots Play™ digital insertion software platform. While See Spots Play changed the insertion market by offering all the functions of digital insertion on one chassis, Quantum™ changes the game again by offering seamless digital splices that are indistinguishable from the source content both visually and by advanced video analyzers.  There are no compromises with SSP Quantum™.

Ad Insertion Applications

Have an IP video network that needs a better insertion solution? AdGorilla SSP Quantum™ can be executing insertions as quickly as a single day from installation to operation. With our software-based, single-platform solution, your team doesn’t spend time configuring unnecessary hardware interfaces and you’re ready to go that much faster!

To execute advertising insertions, AdGorilla can operate off of a number of triggering standards including SCTE for television applications, VAST for OTT, and any customized triggers developed for your application. And GEAR plays well with others – or alone. There is no need for any 3rd party equipment and there are no licensing fees for your customers to enjoy Seamless Splices from SSP Quantum™.

With the onboard transport stream analyzer AdGorilla GEAR continuously monitors the transport streams on which it inserts and can alert your NOC to input issues. This feature can save hours of headache and eliminates the embarrassing call from your customers alerting you to quality issues. And, our automatic fail-over redundancy feature ensures that you’re up and running all of the time.

AdGorilla has learned that there is no replacement for bit replacement. AdGorilla GEAR inserts digital content by replacing the native video stream’s bits with the inserted video’s stream’s bits, not by simply overlaying a video clip. For advertising insertion, this means that insertion where they’re supposed to happen – at the correct frame, not in the middle of a national ad or worse; in the middle of programming itself. Additionally, our approach produces the cleanest video imaginable, no jitter, no CC errors, no problems down to the 3rd level and beyond.

And if you’re up in arms about the CALM Act, just calm down. AdGorilla GEAR is configured to make you CALM compliant without any additional expense or effort on your part.

Alternative Content Splicing

For managing your sports blackouts or any other content splicing, AdGorilla has developed a product called Alternate Content.  With this capability, AdGorilla enables content distributors to switch entire audio/video feeds On-Demand or On-A-Schedule. With Alternate Content, not only can you support blacking out sporting events, but you can also apply the same solution to changing feeds for specific programs as your scheduling requires.

Designed to be integrated into the AdGorilla GEAR single-platform solution using SSP Quantum™ technology, Alternate Content gives video providers the ultimate flexibility to effectively manage their content, minimize video management expenses and maximize revenue.

Network Origination and Advanced Advertising

AdGorilla GEAR’s SSP Quantum™ is also the backbone of AdGorilla TORQ, including our network origination services and advanced advertising products.  The same technology that blends advertising and network content into a seamless video stream also permits us to originate complete linear video streams for content license holders. And for advanced advertising installations, Quantum™ can multiply streams internally and output the same source content many times over; each with a different advertising insertion.

AdGorilla GEAR behaves the way the video insertion was intended; efficiently, easily and accurately, leading to the reason we call SSP Quantum™ the most elegant and effective video insertion offering in the marketplace! Whether it is ASI- or IP- based digital ad insertion, network origination or advanced advertising, AdGorilla GEAR is the solution for you. Click here for details about our equipment. Click here to download the PDF.


FUEL: Advertising sales managed services customized for video providers

Unique to the industry, AdGorilla knows that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer AdGorilla FUEL for your advertising sales endeavor to go with our AdGorilla GEAR SSP Quantum™ technology solution. Whether you need a full, turn-key solution or state-of-the-art outsourced ad sales support, AdGorilla has the solution that meets YOUR needs.

AdGorilla’s menu of services is broad and encompasses every element that video providers need to get going on ad sales in a hurry. Video providers can deploy only the AdGorilla FUEL services they need to support their ad sales efforts, and don’t need to hire an outside sales company to consume large shares of potential ad sales revenues in commissions. Local branding means everything in a local market, and AdGorilla FUEL lets local providers manage their own ad sales with their local customer while AdGorilla FUEL provides a state-of-the-art technology and services infrastructure.

With AdGorilla FUEL providing sales infrastructure and national advertising sales revenue, local video providers like cables systems, telcos and broadcasters can choose their own level of control of advertising sales with our ala carte, fee-based solutions.

Managed & Turn-Key Services

Ad Sales CRM

  • Desktop interface for ad sales
  • Creates client proposals
  • Allows one-click order input
  • Includes sales budget tracking
  • Client contact list and action item reminders included

Traffic Services

  • Creation of all daily scheduled based on orders input
  • Electrinic delivery of schedules to ad insertion equipment
  • Spot management with traffic instructions
  • Daily verification of commercial insertions
  • Clients typically use 25% of local insertions for marketing and promotions


  • Monthly generation of invoices and affidavits
  • Manual verification of co-op billing as necessary
  • Delivery of monthly local billing summary to Client system
  • Monthly bulk delivery of individual invoices for all local client orders
  • Local collection services available

Commercial Encoding

  • Complete encoding services for commercial spots
  • Collection of spots from FTP or electronic delivery services
  • Daily uploading of spots to ad insertion equipment

National Advertising Sales & Coordination

  • All national sales handled by AdGorilla
  • Creation and management of sales material including rate cards, EMKs, system profiles, etc.
  • A/R tracking for national clients
  • Collection and disbursement of funds to Client system

Digital Advertising Sales Capabilities

  • Advertisers are often looking to supplement TV advertising with an online marketing presence
  • Advanced digital advertising CRM
  • Video and display digital advertising capabilities
  • Access to the highest quality network of publishers in the online market

Turn-Key Ad Sales Services Option

  • In-market or remote local advertising sales presence
  • Comprehensive services including all of the above
  • Based on revenue-share model
  • Market analysis available- contact us for more information

Using AdGorilla FUEL services permits video providers to maintain their own local sales team or use existing B2B reps for ad sales, using either AdGorilla SSP Quantum™ or existing insertion equipment. Advertising sales aside, even very small systems are recognizing that with the economical AdGorilla GEAR equipment and AdGorilla FUEL sales support solutions they can utilize cross-channel marketing using their local insertion time to grow monthly RPU.

Contact AdGorilla today for more information on these services including an analysis of your system’s local revenue potential.  Click here to download the pdf.

TORQ: Network origination and dynamic ad insertions made easy

AdGorilla TORQ provides services and technology solutions for network origination and dynamic advertising insertion installations. AdGorilla’s state-of-the-art services provides customers with a turn-key network origination capability, including terrestrial delivery to distribution partners, eliminating the need for satellite transponder leasing.

TORQ also includes the development of our next generation of advertising insertion equipment and services, which features dynamic ad insertion for VOD, addressable linear, CDN and distributed architectures.  Utilizing our expertise and experience from the development and implementation of AdGorilla’s successful SSP™ line of linear, single-box insertion gear, TORQ focuses on the needs of MVPD operators to deliver to individual subscribers and subscriber groups targeted advertising messages that maximize the MVPD’s advertising effectiveness and revenue potential.

Network Origination

AdGorilla’s end-to-end solution for Network Origination and Operations can help Content Networks by providing turn-key services and the technical expertise to develop new networks to launch and beyond. Our services substitute in part for the long list of personnel needed to get a new network started. AdGorilla network origination services and platform includes:


  • Complete network origination play-out servers system
  • Automatic fail-over redundancy
  • Includes adverting insertion capabilities
  • SD and/or HD origination


  • Content management and encoding
  • Playlist/program schedule ingest
  • Program and commercial scheduling
  • Program and advertising verification and billing

AdGorilla provides cost-efficient network delivery via point-to-point terrestrial IP and can migrate the delivery of your network to satellite distribution facilities when/if the economics make sense.

 Dynamic Advertising

AdGorilla’s SSP Quantum™ digital ad insertion software is designed for and excels in a dynamic advertising environment.  While Quantum™ is great at inserting on a limited menu of SD and HD channels for an MVPD, it is even more in its element when the demands of the video provider become more challenging.  Some of the features that make Quantum™ stand out for dynamic insertions include:

Channel Duplication

  • Let Quantum™ duplicate a single input stream and create multiple output channels, each with a unique advertising message

High Capacity

  • Quantum™ support a very high-capacity insertion channel lineup that is bit-rate, not license-fee dependent
  • With Quantum™ and a low channels bit rate, 100+ insertion channels are possible with no increased cost of operation

IP Born and Bred

  • Quantum™ software is an IP product at heart, designed to adapt to next-generation video delivery and insertion technologies
  • Addressable linear, OTT, CDN, and mobile applications are just the start of where Quantum™ can help video providers monetize their content

TORQ can help content owners create cost-effective origination channels and leverage current or library video licenses into new revenue streams.  And we can help video providers maximize advertising revenue by capturing the potential of today’s diverse video delivery methods and the demands of advertisers in today’s unlimited video delivery world.  Click here to download the pdf.

Call us to discuss your requirements today!


TAG: Our revenue-generating 24 hour infomercial network

The AdGorilla TAG! TV network is AdGorilla‘s turn-key advertising content network designed specifically as a revenue tool for cable systems and broadcast television stations. In short, TAG! TV does all the work and your company just collects the revenue. The TAG! TV server is available as a stand-alone equipment platform or can be incorporated within any model in the AdGorilla GEAR Advertising Insertion equipment line.

TAG! TV runs exclusively response-advertising content, and while TAG! TV runs 24 hours a day, it can be switched by the operator to provide local filler programming as needed, or as revenue demands dictate. TAG! TV provides our partners with a flexible, multi-platform revenue tool while we use the resources of our advertising partners and our customized promotional message to maximize transaction potential.
When you become a TAG! TV affiliate, AdGorilla will provide you with the equipment that resides at your head-end, as well as TAG! TV linear programming stream that you deliver to your viewers. TAG! TV manages the advertisers, records the revenue, and sends you a check each month. Flexible, Turn-Key, Profitable.
Click here to view a sample cross-promotions spot.



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