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We are problem solvers and our solutions have evolved with us. With the launch of SSP Quantum™, AdGorilla sits as the technology leader in video and advertising insertion development.  As a result, anywhere content can be delivered, ads can be inserted and revenue can be generated.  And anyone who owns content can use our technology and services to originate and deliver that content as revenue-generating entertainment. AdGorilla is committed to providing solutions that are easy to implement, cost-effective and focused on helping our clients drive revenue.

Industries we serve:

Streaming Video Providers, OTT and CDN

Consumers want their video when they want it and from what device they choose. AdGorilla sits ready to help providers meet the revenue goals of their OTT and streaming services by providing cost-effective solutions to advertising sales and fulfillment.

Our technology cracked the code on self-contained digital ad insertion when we launched it six years ago, and the new AdGorilla Quantum delivers OTT operators with server-side advertising capabilities, which along with our managed services creates a turn-key solution for monetizing video content of all types.

Cable, Telco and Broadcast

Our foundation is in television. All of our products were born out of the needs of Cable operators, Telcos and Broadcast television stations. We supply turnkey advertising sales and network origination solutions, video insertion equipment, and a comprehensive menu of customizable services to suit the needs of our traditional video delivery customers, including our TAG infomercial network for instant revenue generation.

AdGorilla’s products and services comprise a full suite of the most advanced technology in the industry. We can provide full services for advertising sales and network origination, or simply supply you with a la carte options based on your needs.

Content Providers

Providers need flexibility in managing the content they deliver, and our Alternate Content product provides just this for you.  And network origination is one of AdGorilla’s areas of expertise; we have designed our origination services and price structure for clients with single or multiple network requirements.

If you simply need to monetize your content, we can help with advertising sales; if you need to live-switch video streams for black-out or scheduling purposes, we’re your guys; if need to ‘spin up’ a network or two on a short time frame, we’ve done that before; and if you have a unique use case, chances are AdGorilla and our flexible equipment and services solutions are the answer to your video delivery challenges.


Generating revenue via in-house video delivery is revenue that lands directly on your bottom line.  AdGorilla’s turnkey advertising sales infrastructure and content origination services makes video delivery and ad insertion a simple and profitable consideration.


Targeting travelers?  AdGorilla works with airline and cruise companies to monetize the video their customers enjoy while travelling with them.  Let us do the same for you!  Our solutions provide advertising and content infrastructure and support so that you can use the commercial opportunities within your content to market to your customers.


Because of the design of AdGorilla solutions, we are prepared to analyze and meet the needs of content providers of all types.  Give us a chance to share our solutions with you!


Solutions Overview

Depending on your needs, we have you covered with a complete infrastructure option or your choice of equipment and services.

The Most Advanced Video Insertion Equipment on the Market

SSP Quantum™ sets new standards for quality, price and reduced cost of ownership in a video insertion platform

Features Seamless Splice technology; insertions are indistinguishable from source video even by advanced video analyzers

Integrated, single-unit ad insertion solution with separate automatic fail-over capabilities to provide uninterrupted operation

SSP Quantum™ software was designed by AG Technology as the preferred alternative to the cumbersome ‘server and splicer’ solutions prevalent in television technical operation centers

Alternate Content – An extension of our patented Ad splicing software to splice entire content. Applications include Sports Blackouts and limiting certain content to be played in specific Ad Zones or DMAs.

Turn-key or A la Carte Advertising Sales Infrastructure and Services

Advertising sales; National & Local

Traffic and scheduling

Verification and billing

Web-based CRM tool for sales proposal generation and order input

Encoding services

Digital marketing opportunities; display, pre-roll video, YouTube, etc.

Advertising sales training

Network Origination Services

Content management

Advertising insertion

Content and ad encoding

Content and advertising verification

Fiber or IP linear channel delivery


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