Advertising on iNDEMAND Subscription Sports


AdGorilla now represents the iNDEMAND Subscription Sports Packages including MLB Extra Innings®,  NBA League Pass®, and the NHL Center Ice®.

Each of these Sports Packages are available to customers from most major cable providers all across the US, including:


Altice USA            Charter Cable              Comcast       COX           Frontier Cable

Midcontinent              MLB International                RCN                 Rogers

Service Electric Cable TV                   Verizon             And many, many more


What are the iNDEMAND Subscription Sports Packages?

  • They are digital programming sports packages that are sold on a subscription basis comprised of regular season out-of-market MLB, NBA and NHL games
  • Subscribers pay by sport for the privilege of viewing out-of-market games for the entire season
  • Out-of-market games are those games not covered on a national or regional telecast in a given market. For example, subscribers in Los Angeles can view the Yankees/Red Sox games even though it’s only being telecast in New York and Boston
  • Across all three sports, over 4000 live games are available for viewing each year

 Why Advertise on the iNDEMAND Packages?

  • Every game is telecast LIVE on the iNDEMAND Sports Subscription Packages, and some replays are available as well
  • Subscribers are committed sports fans who watch their teams and sports with a passion!
  • The iNDEMAND games represent a cost-effective, national advertising opportunity for live sports, where viewers see your marketing message instead of skipping through it on their DVR!
  • These Subscription Sports Packages can also be seen in restaurants, bars and other commercial establishments, and advertising messages are seen in these venues as well


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