AdGorilla Selects Crystal

Original Article, Advanced Television, May 22, 2018

Crystal’s new VidTime technology, used in conjunction with Crystal Connect and Crystal Metadata Cloud, is deployed to reinsert SCTE 35 markers into Live Linear TV channels in situations where they have been removed by the operator or are not made available by the channel provider so that AdGorilla’s Quantum™ equipment can be used to insert different content, promos, or ads.

Those SCTE 35 markers are used to identify replaceable ad breaks, as allowed by the channel provider. Operators of private viewing venues, such as cruise ships, fitness clubs and sports bars, can now use AdGorilla’s Fuel™ sales and support services to increase their revenue by delivering relevant promotions and ads to their customers.

Roger Franklin, CEO, Crystal, commented: “Crystal is pleased to advance TV personalization in private venues so their owners can better control messaging to their customers, which is what TV advertising is all about.”

Dan Ryan, Chairman, AdGorilla, added: “Crystal is revolutionizing the advertising and video insertion marketplace by creating capabilities for monetization that were never possible before. AdGorilla’s strength is creating revenue through video insertion, so this partnership will offer our content-provider clients opportunities they can’t find anywhere else in the industry”.

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TV Advertising Has A Marketing Problem

Original Article by: Dave Morgan, Media Insider, January 25, 2018

If you follow the trade publications in our industry today, you know that TV is dead in the U.S.

Everyone is cutting the cord. No one watches scheduled linear TV anymore. Millennials have never seen a TV remote control, let alone operated one of those elusive little contraptions.

Google’s YouTube now has the kind of scale that we haven’t seen since the days of “M*A*S*H.”

And the only places where advertisers can actually reach big audiences are Google and Facebook, with most hoping that Amazon will step up as a major ad player soon and turn the digital duopoly into at least a three-way fight.


TV advertising has a marketing problem.

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US Ad Spending Trends in 2017

Original Article: Marketing Charts, February 5, 2018

Agency spending last year held true to some familiar patterns, but diverged from 2016 in others, according to recent datareleased by Standard Media Index (SMI). The report indicates that digital again led growth rates, but that its growth is slowing.

A quick word on methodology before moving forward: SMI’s figures are sourced from advertising agencies’ billing systems and aggregated to show a combined picture of direct agency spend across media types. They do not capture advertising dollars spent directly with media groups.

Overall spending was up by 3.8%, compared to a 6.8% increase in 2016. Much of that decline owes to 2016 having been an Olympic year: Sports spending was down by 12% in 2017, but by only 1.3% excluding the Olympics.

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Can TV Advertising Really Impact Search Performance?

Original Article by: Benny Blum, Search Engine Land, January 18, 2018

It’s relatively easy to report what happened in an ad campaign, but much more difficult to understand why things happen. Visits or conversions might go up or down, but why? It could be some form of seasonality or maybe your latest review hit the front page of Reddit. The mysteries of consumer behavior like to be hidden in the shadows of other events that have happened prior to and during the timeframe in question.

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