Local & National Advertising

AdGorilla offers a variety of advertising solutions for clients in virtually every business category. We can put your marketing message in front of viewers in local and regional markets, as well as on our unique national advertising platforms. By combining all of our properties into a television package that can be purchased by advertisers either individually or in a flexible unwired network, AdGorilla is enhancing the ways in which advertisers reach customers via the television and video medium. And our centralized traffic and billing makes buying the AdGorilla portfolio easy and efficient for advertisers.

 Local Advertising

AdGorilla can offer local businesses in our markets the most powerful marketing tool available today: television advertising! With Cable Television the advertiser is able to target a specific geographic market. Instead of reaching the entire DMA (as with Broadcast) the advertiser can target community residents within miles of their business who are likely to shop with them. Cable advertising is particularly ideal for advertisers who are budget conscious; by using cable they are not wasting any dollars advertising to consumers that live too far away to shop with them. Cable networks are more genre-specific than Broadcast networks. Networks like ESPN, Food Network, FOX News, etc. have very clear demographic appeal that helps businesses target their likely customers.


   National Advertising

National advertisers have found a home at AdGorilla with the opportunity to purchase live, Major League sports through our exclusive relationship with iNDEMAND and the MLB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass and NHL Center Ice packages.

Advertisers can also reap the benefits of our unwired network, using the reach of our national footprint or get local and dig into targeting by zip code, radius or zone.  AdGorilla systems are represented national by NCC Media.



 Digital Marketing

To supplement their television advertising AdGorilla offers digital marketing to our clients.  Utilizing the most sophisticated digital marketing platform available, we offer video and display advertising on the most complete selection of websites anywhere, including variable audience targeting and detailed daily reporting.



Ad3Direct Response & Per Inquiry Advertising

Direct Response and Per Inquiry specialized inventory can help drive quick and consistent revenue for our clients. TAG tv, our 24 hour infomercial channel offers both long and short form advertising.



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