Nation’s Top-Rated Targeted Mobile Marketing Product
We harness the power of valuable and unique data and then perform insightful analysis to drive sales.

There has never been a time in advertising history where a merchant can directly communicate with their precise target market at a lower cost.


  • Mobile Device Audience Creation

    AdGorilla’s Proprietary technology allows us to determine who has visited your location and who has visited your competition. Allows you to ratify exactly who your competition is, we then build your hyper targeted audience.

  • Geofencing

    Our technology takes your message to "Ready-to-Buy" consumers' mobile devices and laptops where and when you decide- even when they are at your competitor's location

  • Pre-Roll TV

    Tell your video story while your target market is streaming their favorite content

  • Search Engine Marketing

    Word search strategy is essential. We put your website front and center when your target audience searches the web

  • Connected TV

    Deliver your video ad into targeted homes Connected TV sets and mobile devices on the nation’s most watched streaming networks

  • Creative

    Let us assist in making certain your message, story, image, brand and call to action is compelling and effective.  We have a team ready to create your display or video ad

  • Analytics Portal

    24/7 real-time reporting including ad interactions, call tracking, visit analysis, and time spent on your website. Which all add up to meaningful results

Simple Effective Strategy and Process