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Providing vertically integrated, turnkey video solutions

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At AdGorilla, we are experts in video.
Using SCTE-35 and SCTE-224, we excel at video insertion technology, alternative content delivery, video operations support services, network origination, and advanced video management.

We provide top to bottom video management solutions and equipment for content providers, cable operators, broadcasters, advertisers and video delivery enterprises under a variety of business models. Our products and services are designed to maximize our client's revenue and simplify advertising and content delivery.

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Designed to deliver the easiest path to enhancing your bottom line


AdGorilla now represents the iNDEMAND Sports Subscription Packages for MLB, NBA and NHL!

Advertisers can now purchase commercial time on the iNDEMAND Sports Subscription Packages exclusively through AdGorilla. These out-of-market sports packages include MLB EXTRA INNINGS®, NBA League Pass® and NHL Center Ice®.

This unique, national advertising opportunity permits advertisers an economical marketing presence in live, major league sports!

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AdGorilla software in, your revenue up!

Our new, advanced SSP Quantum™ software creates seamless splices for both advertising and content management, and it actively monitors video and transport stream quality, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional ad insertion methods.

By using the AdGorilla solution, you will ensure that your customers have only the best video experience while you maximize revenue from advertising. And did we mention that with AdGorilla technology, there are never any on-going licensing fees?

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AdGorilla FUEL

Turnkey, top-notch, full service. Advertising sales, content management or network origination.

If you insert advertising on your video streams AdGorilla can act as your sales team, sales support provider, traffic manager, and billing department without the expense of added personnel or software. AdGorilla has a full menu of managed services or services ala carte, depending on your needs. You determine your requirements and budget and AdGorilla makes your video insertion management easy!

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Over 250 AdGorilla ad insertion units are deployed in television and video facilities worldwide.

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